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1916 Simplex, Crane Model 5 #2246 Introduction

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

I bought Simplex, Crane model 5 #2246 in 2018. This vehicle was originally purchased new by Frank Coykendall of Kingston NY. He must have liked the car, he kept it until 1950!

The subsequent ownership history is complete and well documented up to my current ownership.

I purchased this vehicle due to it's well preserved condition and impressive originality. I was intrigued by its size, quality, and elegance. As far as I know, it is a one of a kind Brewster bodied enclosed drive limousine. It's obtuse-angle ventilated windshield and original custom ordered German nickel-silver radiator are unique to this Simplex Crane Model 5. The body paint is original including the first owner's monogram on the rear doors. The upholstery is original. In fact, only a few minor modifications had been made to this vehicle since it was new. At some point the factory original 25" Rudge Whitworth center lock wire wheels were cut down to 20" tire size. The original Flentje front shocks were replaced with high quality snubbers. We have since found and installed a pair of original Flentje shock absorbers and six 25" 120mm Rudge Whitworth wire wheels with 25" BF Goodrich tires.

This car has been well loved and has seen enormous use over the years. In fact, many of its mechanical components were worn beyond use. Particularly, the engine, engine accessories, transmission, driveline, wheel bearings, exhaust system and more.

I decided to preserve the history and impressive originality of this vehicle while taking all necessary steps to mechanically restore it. Please accept our invitation to share photographs and descriptions of our work. Your questions and comments are welcome!


These pictures are from the Upper Hudson Valley Automobilist Number 150, Jan 1984.

This photo is from one of the car shows where the vehicle has been displayed.

This photo was taken in 2018 when we purchased it.

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