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Clutch and Flywheel Restoration

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The cast aluminum clutch housing which is an integral part of the transmission case


After removing the engine we detached the flywheel and unbolted the clutch cover and pressure plate. After careful inspection of the flywheel surface, clutch lining, pressure plate, and other components we were pleasantly surprised to find that the lining was like new and needed only thorough cleaning.

After cleaning and lightly servicing the flywheel we removed the pilot bearing with a blind-hole bearing remover and replaced it with a new sealed ball bearing. Next we found a NOS sealed bearing to replace the throw-out bearing.


Clutch lining after thorough cleaning and crankshaft flange with new sealed pilot bearing installed


The flywheel surface and pressure plate surfaces were excellent and only required bead blasting and very light resurfacing. After further inspection of the flywheel we were pleased to find that the ring gear and all of its teeth were in excellent condition. The springs on the pressure plate are as typical for a Simplex are extra heavy and of the finest quality. We were able to use the pressure plate without further disassembly.


These illustrations are from the "Instructions for the care and operation of simplex motor cars"

These two illustrations of clutch components are from "The catalogue of parts Crane model No. 5"

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