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Finishing the Mechanical Restoration

It has been very challenging for us to find the time to complete our highly detailed descriptions with photographs of this restoration. We have decided to offer a very brief summary of our work. The project has been completed. The vehicle has performed admirably on two tours.

If time permits in the future we may post more details and pictures.

Exhaust System:

We restored the muffler and exhaust pipes to the exact manufacturers specifications and appearance.


The service brake and the emergency brakes are restored using all original components. All bushings and pins have been machined and lubricated. NOS brake linings have been installed to replace the old lining. All the original parts were removed, cleaned, bead blasted, and painted. The brakes have been adjusted and tested and meet all expectations.


All of the ignition and instrument wiring has been replaced with high quality NOS wires. The headlight, tail light, and horn wiring were also replaced with NOS. The original horn required no restoration and functions properly. The starting motor, magneto, coil, switch, and generator were outsourced for professional restoration.

Carburetor and Fuel Tank:

The huge, complex, Newcomb carburetor required some very delicate machine work and was outsourced to a highly esteemed carburetor expert. The carburetor is completely original and its dash mounted control works properly.

The fuel tank was removed, thoroughly cleaned, sealed and painted.

Cooling System:

The original and unique German nickel silver radiator was meticulously cleaned and then polished. It required no further repair. The solid brass water pump was disassembled, cleaned and polished. It required only new packing. The large cast aluminum fan was removed, cleaned, bead blasted and painted. The bearings in the fan hub were removed and replaced with new sealed bearings.

Air Compressor:

The original four cylinder Kellogg air compressor and hand operated clutch have been restored and painted.

The Body:

The body we left in its outstanding original condition. As this is a significant preservation vehicle, we did not want to take away from its originality. The body paint including the original owner's monogram, pin striping are original. The upholstery, fine quality wood finish work and ornate nickel trim are also original.

Thank you all for reading and following us on this journey.

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