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Front Axle Restoration

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This Simplex has always been well maintained and properly lubricated. The kingpins moved freely and had no evidence of play.

First the drag link and tie rod were removed. Next the hubs were removed for inspection and cleaned in the bead blaster. The splines were in excellent condition with no evidence of measurable wear or damage. After inspection, the outer and inner bearings were replaced with NOS.


Front spindle after cleaning and restoration

Front hub after restoration and reassembly

Drag link before restoration

Drag link with pitman arm pivot ball and stud

Drag link end, pivot ball socket and end cap

After disassembly, all drag link and tie rod pivot balls and sockets were found to be in excellent usable condition

Tie rod end view before restoration

Tie rod end cap, washer spring and socket ready for bead blasting

Front view of chassis after restoration

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