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Restoration of the Vibration Dampener

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The vibration dampener on the Simplex, Crane model 5 is advanced and well designed. The dampener assembly is sandwiched between the transmission output shaft flange and the service brake drum assembly. The dampener has a heavy cast iron floating drum with eight compression springs housed in retainer holes. Our pictures do not show the springs. A brass friction disc is fastened to the drum. Finally , a steel plate is secured to the brake drum and holds the dampener in place while allowing it to move as it reduces the engine's vibration.


Transmission output shaft flange

Frictional steel cover plate

Forward view of brake drum with vibration dampener with fixed steel plate removed and brass friction disc exposed

Vibration dampener floating drum during removal with compression springs removed

Finish machined brake drum with vibration drum removed

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